Building Healthy Organizations

#Dialogue with #RosaArgentinaRivasLacayo by Miguel Gurrola

Historical background:

We live in a world that is very complex and hard to unravel. We are in the middle of the second half of the first XXI century decade. To unravel such complexity, it becomes necessary to construe our historical moment in the best possible way, understanding the big questions that arose during the Postmodernism period after the unaccomplished promise by the Enlightenment (the French Revolution, the Encyclopedists, Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau, Kant, among others), where such thinkers trusted in the great Rationalism story that was extended to the mid-twentieth century, stating that man would achieve fullness and happiness through reason and that he would live in a better organized society, a society where the goddess of reason would cure those man's ills.

Those great concepts that were part of the Rationalism speech – progress, ideas, art, science, etc. – became part of that disillusionment of a society that never saw the advent of that promised fullness. For postmodern society, great stories as inspirational sources to achieve human fullness died. French philosopher Jean Francois Lyotard mentions four of them: the Christian, the Marxism, the Enlightenment, the capitalist. He decreed them dead because they never led human being into the space of fullness as promised. Then, short stories appeared, representing a breakup of the large ones – Multiculturalism, respect for minorities, among others. Utopian and great ideals thoughts ended.

Consumerism is now part of the social dynamics. Defiance and new proposals are manifested in various aesthetic expressions.

Once located in this historical context called Postmodernity, it is worth asking to ourselves the questions that will help us to find the sense of our professional work in the midst of a global complexity, which is usually interpreted from a relativistic approach where our own opinions are influenced by the time in which we are living. How to find our own North Star having so much information and global interdependence? How to find a sense of transcendence in our job? Where to go professionally?

What is a fact, is that there are also more and more people busy trying to find answers to the professional challenges they are facing. We