In a Healthy and Conscious Work Cultures there is no room for procrastination.

What do we mean by procrastination and how can we recognize it in the workplace?

It refers to the action of leaving something for later. It’s a lack of agility or promptness for performing tasks.

We realize that it is present because others suffer from the backwardness it causes, delays or postponements because we do not act quickly or efficiently when a situation requires an efficient response.

When someone procrastinates, it affects us because of their passive attitude and lack of interest in doing things. These kinds of people delay something causing delays, inconvenience, unnecessary bureaucracy and sometimes chaos due to their inconsistency in delivering results. How many times have you heard claims like, "he doesn't deliver what he promises, or he doesn't deliver it on time”?

Procrastination has a very negative effect on the reputation of people, causing them to lose their credibility and trust of their bosses, co-workers and direct reports.