The Competitive Advantage of a Global Manager from the Perspective of Italian Companies

By Alessia di Lacovo

The Italian way compared to corporate Goliath.

We all remember the era dominated by the myth of globalization. A global market, universal and universally appealing brands, the Anglo-Saxon multinational model representing a widely imitated benchmark. Contrasting this corporate Goliath, “our” very Italian entrepreneurial way still persists, with its unparalleled mix of brilliant creativity and excellence of execution. Very focused on technical aspects and product contents, but less oriented to consider structural and organizational aspects as relevant. Very much product driven rather than market driven. Very local and lean rather than global and matrix.

There is a significant common denominator to these two faces of the same coin, these two worlds apparently destined to never meet: the need to identify, exploit, and develop a global management.

The 2008 world crisis still affects Italy in terms of loss of competitiveness of Italian companies, and one of its more subtle by products is a dangerous tendency to narrow the vision of many companies and professionals to a tactical horizon, to running the day-by-day business. is is absolutely understandable: only a few brave or innovative players could afford a strategic frame of mind when the visibility of the future was very limited. The common sense was “Let’s start by making sure we will all be up and running next month. What’s in two years we will see when we get there“.