In a healthy and conscious culture there is no room for indecision.

What do we mean by indecision and how can we recognize it in our workplace?

It is the lack of energy to make relevant decisions at a given time or situation. It is a lack of conviction to choose the path to be followed in a timely manner.

Indecision can be recognized in the workplace because a lack of motion is perceived, there is a sense of stagnation. The processes of work and communication do not flow as they should. The chaos appears and the dynamism is lost due to bottlenecks caused by people who retard the decision making due to several factors like lack of experience, knowledge, fear or simply negligence.

When indecision is highly present in an #organization, it loses its agility and the energy of its collaborators focuses on resolving problems in a reactive way, losing the #proactivity to anticipate the challenges and opportunities that they will find along the way. It is also easy to find the Hamster's syndrome running on the wheel, wasting its energy without getting anywhere.